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A Temporary Home on Wheels

I first heard about vandwelling a few years ago when I was home from school on winter break. My initial reaction was that of amazement, followed by major interest and curiosity about whether or not I would enjoy doing it…. Continue Reading →

Volcano #3: Mount Adams

“I want to climb Mount Adams. Craig is in.” “Yeah,” I said with a chuckle. “Ok.” The curious smile stayed on my face. I couldn’t tell if my uncle was being completely serious or screwing with me. “I’m serious,” he… Continue Reading →

Goals the Size of Volcanoes

At the beginning of 2016 I was starting to get very restless. Winter was in full swing and it was my first winter back in Washington in three years. Seattle’s dark, gloomy winter is quite the opposite of Bozeman’s blue-sky,… Continue Reading →

Trail Running is Terrific

I’ll admit it. I can be a bit of an impatient hiker. My impatience grows when I’m solo and repeating trails that have few redeeming factors other than the fact that they aren’t an indoor gym. The I-90 corridor and Issaquah… Continue Reading →

Volcano Addiction Begins

Volcanoes seem to loom over everything in Washington. I remember the first time I saw Mount Baker and Mount Rainier at the same time. I was driving along Highway 2 just outside of Everett and as I crossed the valley… Continue Reading →

Mount Dickerman

As part of the Alpine Scrambling course through The Mountaineers, we are required to complete three scrambles through the club. This past weekend I completed my first one to the summit of Mount Dickerman with a group of 8 other… Continue Reading →

Mailbox Peak

All last week I was psyching myself out about hiking Mailbox Peak. A friend warned me not to do it alone. Countless trip reports described the trail as hard to follow. A local blogger wrote an article about falling on the… Continue Reading →

Mount Si and Cherry Creek Falls

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. I’ve had trouble actually getting out and doing stuff lately. Either I don’t feel comfortable going without a partner or I have something to do… Continue Reading →

Ice Climbing Hyalite Canyon

A few months ago I made a wish that I could ice climb on my birthday. I booked a flight to Bozeman and last weekend that birthday wish came true. It’s hard not to have a big grin on your face as… Continue Reading →

First Night of 2016 Camping

The first night of camping in 2016 was exploratory and enjoyable. We had originally planned on hiking to Melakwa Lake, but the access road was being cleared of snow and we were told that nobody would be allowed to pass,… Continue Reading →

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