As part of the Alpine Scrambling course through The Mountaineers, we are required to complete three scrambles through the club. This past weekend I completed my first one to the summit of Mount Dickerman with a group of 8 other members. This was my first time exploring anything along the Mountain Loop Highway and it was absolutely incredible. The trail up Dickerman starts off steep. It’s a long, switchbacking trail up the side of the mountain that eventually levels out a bit about halfway through and then gets steep again for the summit push. At some point along the way we ran into snow and started following the bootpath. The trail opened up into big snowfields and as we climbed higher, more and more of the surrounding mountains became visible.

I hadn’t seen this area of Washington up close before last Saturday. The mountains are big, jagged, rocky peaks; a lot different than the I-90 Corridor hikes I’ve been sticking to since February. Glacier Peak looked like it was an arms distance away. We could see the majority of Rainier, although some of it was hidden by the mountains to the south. Baker was visible very clearly. My favorite thing we saw was the big untouched snowfields. They looked so calm and quiet. So cool.