An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.

I’ve had trouble actually getting out and doing stuff lately. Either I don’t feel comfortable going without a partner or I have something to do in town or I convince myself my weekday routine on the rock wall will satisfy my adventure cravings. But I finally got my butt in gear and made it to one of the most popular hikes in the area: Mount Si.

I got up around 8, had a big breakfast, and headed to the trailhead. Admittedly, my excitement was dull at best when I left the house, but about halfway there I started to realize that I was about to be standing on top of a mountain and stoke slowly rose.

The Mount Si trailhead is just outside North Bend. The parking lot is surprisingly big and was about half full when I arrived at 10:30am. I loved seeing all the local hikers gearing up  for the hike and coming down from the summit. What a community.

I purchased a Discover pass over the phone after seeing fines being handed out to cars without them, got all my stuff together and hit the trail. The trail remains fairly wide all the way to the top. There’s a few tiny stream crossings with crystal clear water along the way and a couple cool openings in the trees that let you see through to distant mountainsides. The snow started a little ways from the summit (maybe a half mile at the most). It was sticky with the exception of a few shaded patches that had me sliding around a little.

The summit was foggy but you could still see through to the valley floor a few thousand feet below. Foggy summits just make for a good excuse to go back, right? A few snacks, a short break, and I headed back down to the car.

On Sunday, I headed to Cherry Creek Falls with my mom and dad. It’s a short hike that ends at a 25 foot waterfall and a little pool of water. Hiking Mount Si after being stagnant for a few weeks killed my legs, so the little 5 mile hike with 450 feet of elevation gain was a perfect way to finish the weekend.

I’m hoping this week will be the start of a shift in routine. Now that I’m in motion, I want to continue exploring the Cascades, working on fitness and learning as much as I can about climbing. The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer and I could not be more stoked about having the opportunity to make it my playground.